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DNA Surveillance

Species identification with DNA

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  1. Paste your sequence into the Data Entry window.
  2. Select the reference dataset by clicking the button appropriate for the desired taxonomic group and genomic region.
  3. Enter an Email address if you would like the results emailed to you.
  4. Click on the Submit button. If you entered an email address, you can close your browser or leave the site.

Note 1: If you enter multiple sequences, they must be in FASTA format.
Note 2: There may be significant delays if you use the bootstrapping or full alignment options; we recommend that you enter an email address.

Genomic regions:
Ctrl = mtDNA control Region (=D-Loop) ; CytB = Cytochrome B

Data Entry

Select a database:
All Cetaceans Vs3.1
     Mysticetes Vs3.1
          Humpback mtDNA
     Odontocetes Vs3.1
          Ziphiidae Vs3.1
          Phocoenidae Vs3.1
          Delphinidae (Subgroups) Vs3.1
               Delphinidae + Stenoninae Vs3.1
               Globicephalinae + Orcininae Vs3.1
               Lissodelphininae Vs3.1
All cetaceans Vs4.3
     Mysticetes Vs4.3
          Balaenidae Vs4.0
          Humpbacks Vs4.0
     Odontocetes Vs4.3
          Ziphiidae Vs4.3
          Phocoenidae Vs4.3
          Delphinidae (Subgroups) Vs4.3
               Delphinidae + Stenoninae Vs4.3
               Globicephalinae + Orcininae Vs4.3
               Lissodelphininae Vs4.3

Bootstrap replicates:

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