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DNA Surveillance

Species identification with DNA

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DomainCytochrome Oxidase Subunit I (barcode) = COI*barcode -NADH dehydrogenase subunit 2 = ND2 -Cytochrome B = CytB -16S Ribosomal = 16S -Control Region = CR -Cytochrome Oxidase sub.1 (end) = end COI
Brazilian Psittacidae v1.0 (non curated)N/ALinkLinkLinkLinkLink
Amazona identificationLinkLinkN/AN/AN/ALink
World PsittacidaeN/ALinkN/AN/AN/ALink
All Amazona species + (Chaves et al.)LinkLinkN/AN/AN/ALink
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Ambiguous Symbol Meaning Origin of designation
  G G Guanine
  A A Adenine
  T T Thymine
  C C Cytosine
  U U Uracil
X R G or A puRine
X Y T or C pYrimidine
X M A or C aMino
X K G or T Keto
X S G or C Strong interaction (3 H bonds)
X W A or T Weak interaction (2 H bonds)
X H A or C or T not-G, H follows G in the alphabet
X B G or T or C not-A, B follows A
X V G or C or A not-T (not-U), V follows U
X D G or A or T not-C, D follows C
X N G or A or T or C aNy
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