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DNA Surveillance

Species identification with DNA

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This website provides a tool for species identification of mammals belonging to the order Carnivora. The database contains three alignments that are composed by reference sequences assigned to species. Because the mitochondrial DNA segments used here are short, they are particularly suitable for identifying biological samples containing degraded DNA (e.g. faeces, hair, carrion, museum specimens, and sub-fossils).

GenBank does not archive sequences shorter than 200 base pairs. Thus, several reference sequences in the DNA Surveillance - Carnivoradatabase are not found in GenBank and associated tools such as BLAST.

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Chaves PB, Graeff VG, Lion MB, Oliveira LR, Eizirik E (2012). DNA barcoding meets molecular scatology: short mtDNA sequences for standardized species assignment of carnivore noninvasive samples.Molecular Ecology Resources12, 18-35.

Ross HA, Lento GM, Dalebout ML, Goode M, Ewing G, McLaren P, Rodrigo AG, Lavery S, Baker CS (2003). DNA surveillance: web-based molecular identification of whales, dolphins, and porpoises.Journal of Heredity99, 111-114.